Smart Pot Fabric Containers

Hydroponic and soil gardeners are all finding creative ways to utilize the benefits of the Smart Pot fabric container. In an Ebb and Flow bucket system they are great for containing loose media that could clog hosing. Top feed and drip hydroponic gardens also benefit from the improved aeration and drainage allowing for more frequent feedings without over watering. Continue Reading


Fabric Pot or Plastic Container

Are plastic containers or cloth pots better for container gardening?  Well, both have their pluses and minuses.  After a closer examination, you should be able to choose which is better for your situation.  While plastic containers have traditionally dominated our industry over the last few years, more and more fabric pots have entered the market-place as of recent.  So what we wanted to do is breakdown the differences between the two approaches and weigh-in on our thoughts with all factors … Continue Reading