Silicate: The new expanded clay pellet

For the last number of years, expanded clay pellets have been one of the preferred hydroponic mediums on the market.  It is an inert (contains no nutrients) medium, holds air, and is reusable.  Gardeners like the fact that these pellets cannot be over watered and the roots are able to readily proliferate in the container.  Unlike rockwool that you need to pre-treat and condition, with pellets, all you do is rinse the dust off and they are ready to use. … Continue Reading


Silicate: The overlooked additive

With the winter upon us, cool, humid night time temperatures are increasingly common.  Aside from having good ventilation system, and adhering to a good preventative spray regiment, there is an often overlooked additive that can help to increase the health of your plant especially during these times.  A lot of gardeners over the years have begun to incorporated silicate (Si) into their feeding programs.  Silicate helps to increase the strength of the cell walls, increases stalk strength, and there is … Continue Reading